Turquoise Swirl Nursing Dress Review

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I struggle to find pretty summer nursing dresses for myself, so when I sourced this particular one, and loved it so much, I knew it was a nursing dress I just had to stock on Feed That Baby. 

As nursing dresses go, it is extremely practical.  It has a front panel that lifts, providing easy access for feeding. It also has a gorgeous turquoise swirl print which ensures that any milk leakage remains unnoticeable, unlike plain, lighter colours where leaks are really quite obvious! Frustratingly, this is something which many nursing dress retailers have still failed to c
otton on to. Instead, they still insist on churning out, nursing dress after nursing dress in plain greys, beiges and blacks with a smatter of red and green here and there. And of course, stripes, they love stripes!! If you see a woman in stripes you could probably have a good bet on the fact that she might be a nursing mummy. 

This nursing dress also benefits from pockets which I find incredibly useful. I often pop my little boy in the Ergo 360 and go for a wander.  Having a nursing dress with pockets means I can slip my phone and keys away without having to take a handbag.  A nursing dress with pockets would also prove useful in those early days post partum as it would allow somewhere to store lip balm, Lanolin and a phone. There is nothing worse than being pinned to the sofa with a nursing newborn knowing that you have left your phone or lip balm on the other side of the room or just out of arms reach (in my case it was often the tv remote control!).

I first wore this turquoise swirl nursing dress to a family bbq and a number of my family members were taken aback by the ease at which I could feed my son, simply by lifting the front panel. They were also surprised that you could even get clothes designed to breastfeed in! The nursing dress is a lovely soft material and more importantly very light which kept me cool during the heat of the midday sun. As the day wore on I simply slipped on a cardigan over my nursing dress to ensure I kept those evening chills at bay.  

I love this nursing dress so much I will be wearing it to a christening next week. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. At the bbq I teamed my nursing dress with a simple pair of flip flops but I think a cute pair of sandals, perhaps with a small wedge heel would go down a treat at the christening (this also gives the perfect excuse to do some more shoe shopping!!).

I'm aware that the summer will be drawing to a close withing the next month and that we will be moving into Autumn. Despite this, I will continue to wear my turquoise nursing dress with a chunky knit cardigan, a pair of tights and some cute leather ankle boots for a simple Autumnal look.

The turquoise swirl nursing dress is also the perfect nursing dress to slip on at home in those early days post birth due to its soft, light and loose fitting tummy area. I personally lived in pyjamas for the first few weeks after giving birth but I would throw on some clothes (usually whatever I could find that was clean) whenever we had visitors. This nursing dress would have been perfect to slip into due to it's comfort and the fact it looks so pretty which is just the boost every mummy needs after just giving birth. 

All in all, I think the turquoise nursing dress is up there with my favourite nursing clothes. Have you got the turquoise nursing dress and do you love it as much as I do? What is your favourite nursing dress? I would love to know! Please get in touch and let me know.

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