The Great Nursing Clothes Drought

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Whilst pregnant I decided that I should be proactive and look for some post partum clothes that I would be able to nurse in. I quickly discovered that for some reason, most high street stores do not stock tailor made nursing clothes. The nursing clothes offered are combined with maternity wear which means the majority of breasteeding women are left wearing maternity clothing for a significant amount of time after giving birth.  As most women quickly find out, maternity clothes are not at all flattering on a non-pregnant figure!

Of course,  I understand that it might not be cost effective for high street stores to run lines of clothes specifically for breastfeeding women but it is a huge shame and an issue I know many women get incredibly frustrated with.  Us breastfeeding women really do feel pretty neglected when it comes to nursing clothes! 

Another issue I found was the lack of availability on the high street. My go to shop for cheap and cheerful clothes is New Look. I was adamant they would have a range in store, but instead I was left dissapointed, being informed by a member of staff that their maternity range had gone online. I was also shocked to find that John Lewis only stocked their maternity range online. I really don't understand why most high street stores stock their maternity lines online only. It means us pregnant or nursing folk are unable to try anything on - I mean, it's not as if our bodies aren't going through a period of complete change (note the sarcasm)! Again, most high street stores would argue that it's not cost effective to take up valuable shop floor space with nursing clothes and I can reluctantly see their point. However, listening to customers breeds loyalty and those few shops that do stock nursing clothes will certainly get my repeat custom in later shopping expeditions. 

My final annoyance on this subject is the issue of price which is what prompted me to launch Feed That Baby. I quickly discovered that stores that do sell and specialise in nursing wear have a habit of setting astronomically high prices.  

Whilst pregnant I purchased two gorgeous nursing dresses from Seraphine after having seen the Duchess of Cambridge looking fabulous in the same. Unfortunately I couldn't quite pull them off in the same effortless way as the Duchess so the nursing dresses went back to Seraphine. I'm sure my bank balance was happier at this than I was because those nursing dresses sure weren't cheap!

H&M are a reliable stockist of nursing wear that I have found to be reasonably priced. However, their designs can be bland and their colours boring. I am yet to find a funky nursing top or a pretty nursing dress in H&M.

Feed That Baby was set up to fill that gap. Gorgeous nursing dresses and breastfeeding tops at reasonable prices and I hope you would agree we do a pretty good job at it.

What is your opinion on the lack of choice in nursing clothes on the high street? Should this be something high street stores should identify and tackle? I would love to know your thoughts. 

Until next time.

Daisy, x


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